Research Committee

Name: Dr. Jagjit Malhotra jagjit
Designation: Dean (RIC)& Associate Professor(ECE)
Qualification: M.Tech, Ph.D
Experience: 23 Years
Research/Interest Area: Multi Channel Optical Communication Systems.
Optical Solution Communication.
Analog Electronics.
Fiber Optics.
Publications: 40+Research Publications in National and International
Journals & Conferences.
Books: Four books in the field of Electronic & Communication
Research Guidance: M.Tech Thesis: 10
Memberships: Life member, ISTE Punjab Science Academy, IEEE.
Fellow Member, IEI.
Contact No: 9872201740


All Heads of Departments

Name: Dr. Kiran Ahuja kiran
Designation: Deputy Dean (RIC)& Asstt. Professor
Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech.,Ph.D, PDF
Experience: 13.5 Years
Research/Interest Area: IoT, Smart Cities, Wireless Communication Networks & Systems.
Publications: 70 Research Publications in National and International
Journals & Conferences.
Research Guidance: Ph.D. : 04 (under guidance)
M.Tech. : 15
Memberships: Life Membership Punjab Science Congress.
Contact No: 9872957792


Name: Dr. Rajni Sharma  img_5805
Designation: Asstt. Professor (Sr. Scale)
Qualification: M.Sc. Maths UGC-NET Qualified, Ph.D
Experience: 16.5 Years
Research/Interest Area: Numerical Analysis, Iterative Methods
Publications: 20 Publications in National and International journals.
20 Publications in National Conferences
05 Publications in International Conferences.
01 Book in the Field of mathematics for Engineers.
Contact No: 9814849123
Name: Mr. Kamal Kishore  img_5820
Designation: Asstt. Professor (Sr. Scale)
Qualification: M.Sc.(Applied Physics), UGC- NET Qualified
Experience: 15.5 Years
Research/Interest Area: Computational Electromagnetics, Nano Science
Publications: 02 Books,
01 Publications in International journal
Memberships: Life Member IAPT, PAS, ISTE
Contact No: 8567903013
Name: Mrs.Chintu Rza  img_5813
Designation: Asstt. Professor
Qualification: M.E, Ph.D (Thesis Submitted)
Experience: 17 Years
Research/Interest Area: FACTS Controllers, Robust Control, Substation
Publications: 23 Research Publications in National,
International Journals & Conferences
1 Book Publication
Memberships: Life Member of Punjab Academy of Sciences
Contact No: 9417127345
Name: Dr.Sanjay Goel  img_5810
Designation: Asstt. Professor
Qualification: M.E (Structures), Ph.D,
Experience: 12 years
Research/Interest Area: Self compacting concrete, Fatigue of concrete composites,
Fiber reinforced concrete, Recycling of waste materials in
Awards & Recognitions: Outstanding Young Concrete Technologist Award 2013
Award for Best Ph.D. Thesis 2012
Best PhD Thesis Award in Concrete 2012: Thesis Title:
“Flexural Fatigue of Plain and Steel Fibre Reinforced Self
Compacting Concrete”, awarded by Indian Concrete
Institute, Chennai, September 2012.
Publications: 27 Publications in National and International Conferences
& Journals
Memberships: Board of Studies PTU,
Life member ISTE,
Punjab Academy of Sciences
Contact No: 98142-34524
Name: Mr. Devinder Priyadarshi  img_5818
Designation: Asstt. Professor
Qualification: MS, Pursuing Ph.D
Experience: 14 Years
Research/Interest Area: Metrology, Advance Materials, Nano
composites & Manufacturing
Publications: 08 Research Publications in National,
International Conferences & Journals
Memberships: Life Member of ISTE
Life Member of Punjab Academy of Sciences
Contact No: 9872067770
Name: Mr. Palvinder Singh Mann  img_5812
Designation: Asstt. Professor
Qualification: B.Tech with Hons, M.Tech
Experience: 11 Years
Research/Interest Area: Computer Networks, Wireless Communication, Dot Net
Technologies, Cloud Computing, WSN
Publications: 40 in International Journals
01 in National Journals
03 in International Conferences
08 in National Conferences
Memberships: Life Member of Punjab Academy of Sciences ,
Computer Society of India
Contact No: N/A
Name: Mr. Navleen Singh Rekhi  img_5823
Designation: Asstt. Professor
Qualification: B.E. (with Distinction), M.Tech, Pursuing Ph.D
Experience: 09 Years
Research/Interest Area: Digital Signal Processing, Soft Computation Techniques
(Neural Networks , Support Vector Machines), Neural
Prosthetic Machine Learning
Publications: 20 Research Publications in National and International
Journals & Conferences
Memberships: Life Member, The Indian Society of Biomechanics, IIT
Roorkee (N-206), ISTE
Contact No: 9815500850



  1. Joint Research Projects by Ph.D. faculty with the faculty of the Institutes with whom the Institute has signed MOUs.
  2. Starting of online journal for Sciences, Management and Engineering Disciplines.
  3. To organize FDPs/ Workshops/ Expert Lectures in association with mentor Institute i.e. IIT Ropar by DAVIET being the member of “Council of Educational Associates”.
  4. To organize National and International Conferences to promote the culture of research in niche areas.
  5. Workshops for faculty on IPR and Patent Filing.
  6. Software for checking plagiarism. Guidelines and anti-plagiarism policy for ethical conduct in research.

Faculty Student exchange with Institutes/ industry having MoUs with DAVIET.