Education without placement assistance and assurance has no meaning as it leaves an educated individual in lurch. Along with the technical knowledge an individual must be confident, vivacious and smart enough to become a winsome package in the industry. This all can be achieved through enhancement in personality. Personality is the combination of both the external and the internal traits of human being. or in other words it is a blend the body and the mind. No development can take place if only one aspect is being looked after. we focus on the development of both the external i.e. body language, expressions, communication skills as well as the internal i.e. attitude, thought etc. along with pruning of all that is unwanted or undesirable in one’s personality. Personality development program comprise the following activities:

Group Discussions
Case Studies
IT Quiz
Aptitude Test
Social and Community work
Live Projects

A lot of care is taken to ensure individual participation in class activities and exercises, so that each and every student obtains the maximum benefit out of this program.


Guest Lectures are organized in the department of MCA, to provide the students with examples of practical application of course knowledge in the real world. Guest lecturers into the classroom offer a great opportunity for students to learn other viewpoints within a discipline, and to hear about current research and practical applications.



Industry- Institute interaction is an important aspect in today’s dynamic environment. Department of MCA arranges students’ visits to different industries to enhance the corporate knowledge of students. These industrial visits give our students an essential insight for application of their theoretical knowledge to the practical world. It thus reinforces their class-room learning. The students get a first hand understanding of Industrial processes. They can apply their theoretical experience to real life situations. This also helps in multi-dimensional development of our students, giving them an edge over others in terms of Industrial exposure.

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