In order to motivate the students and to get them interested in sports, various sporting events ( Cricket, Football, Basketball and Volleyball) at the institute level has been started.

LAWN TENNIS: The Institute has well maintained cemented court. The court is floodlit so that the students can practice even in the evenings.

BASKETBALL: DAVIET has floodlit cemented basketball courts with a manual scoreboard. The institute has two basketball courts. The basketball courts are accessible to all students and coaches are provided for both girls and boys to initiate them to the sport.

389a6208VOLLEYBALL: The volleyball ground in the institute is located near the girl’s hostel.

HANDBALL: The handball ground in the institute is located near the UG boys Hostel in the main ground also called athletic arena. The sport of handball has thus got a great impetus in the institute as the players are provided with good quality coaching, thus helping them to further improve their techniques and skills.

MAIN GROUD WITH ATHLETIC TRACK: The main ground in the institute is located between UG Boys hostel and Basket ball courts. The main ground is having athletic track. The main ground is also used as Cricket and Football Ground for organizing domestic competitions and for doing practice for the PTU inter college competitions.


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