The institution obtains the necessary requirements of class rooms, laboratories and other infrastructural resources from each HOD/Section In-charge well before the beginning of the academic year. • After validation of the requirements the available resources are allocated to each department. 

  • Submission of requirement is made in the form of a proposal • Evaluation by Purchase Committee and Maintenance Committee • Approval by the Principal. • The different purchase committees are formed for purchase of various items. • Call for quotations and verification of prices and availability of the items. • Purchase order is placed and material received. • Any new facility to be constructed / acquired is provided by the management before the semester begins. 
  • Wherever there exists a situation that a facility (a laboratory) is required by more than one department, suitable adjustments in the time table is done so as to make the optimal use of the laboratory. • Right from its inception in the year 2000 the college has been improving its infrastructure to meet its ever increasing growth. • Additional blocks for academic and administrative purposes have been constructed. • Floors have been added to the existing blocks to enhance the facilities. • Renovation of older blocks and modernization of laboratories have been done to meet the ever changing academic requirements. 
    • The institution has a permanent Estate Officer who is assisted by a full time plumber, electricians, and carpenter etc. to take care of all the construction and maintenance activities of the institute. • The buildings are maintained for their upkeep and repairs on a regular basis. The housekeeping team regularly maintains the buildings, corridors and other places clean and tidy. The wash rooms are maintained by a team on a regular basis to maintain their usability.

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