Ragging in any form is banned.
Ragging is a criminal offence as per the supreme court ruling and FIR shall be registered against the student(s) indulging in this crime.

  • Guardians getting their wards admitted must give in writing the names and addresses of the persons (on prescribed performa) who are to be allowed to see their wards.
  • The boarders can receive only approved visitors at timings shown below:
    Saturday, Sunday & Holidays : 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm
  • The boarders are not allowed to see the visitors during the college hours.
  • The boarders shall bring their own bedding for summer & winter.
For girls hostel, the reporting timing would be 6:00 p.m. in summers & winters and for the boys hostel it would be 8:00 p.m in winters and 8.30 pm in summers.
  • Every Boarder must possess a copy of the rules and regulations of the hostel and observe them strictly. Ignorance of rules is no excuse.
  • Hostel students will be granted character certificate only on the recommendation of the hostel warden, on the basis of their behavior and the participation in the hostel activities.
  • Boarder must look up at Hostel Notice Board at least once a day regularly.
  • All cases of illness should be reported by the ailing Boarder or his roommate or a resident scholar in the adjoining room to the hostel warden immediately. The report of illness must also be lodged with the Block-Procter, Captain/ Vice-Captain immediately when a resident scholar falls ill.
  • Absence from the hostel for the whole night or frequently coming late at night without the prior permission of the warden is a serious lapse and may lead to the imposition of heavy penalty or even expulsion of the resident scholar from the hostel.
  • Students are advised that during study hours at night i.e. from 9 pm to 6 am they must be in their respective rooms. If any resident scholar is found absent from his room or found roaming around during the studies hours, a serious note will be taken of the same.
  • No resident scholar is allowed to keep any sharp edged weapon/ Firearm/ Fire Crackers etc. in his/ her possession or in room. Any violation of this rule will be viewed seriously and may lead to expulsion.
  • The Resident Scholar must not disfigure the walls, doors and furniture of their rooms by writing, drawing or engraving anything on them. The defaulters will be fined accordingly or may lead to expulsion also.
  • The Hostel officials reserve the right of search of possessions of resident scholars staying in the hostel at any time.
  • Residents of Block/ Cluster shall be held responsible for any kind of deliberate damage to fixture of their Block/ Cluster.
  • Resident scholars are not allowed to keep vehicles in the campus of the Institute.
The parents of the outstation candidates are advised to avail the Institute’s hostel facilities rather than seeking an accommodation outside premises of the Institution. The boarding facilities in outside rented accommodations viz. PGs etc. are not quite conducive on account of safety, hygiene, food quality, power back-up, internet connectivity, economy, discipline and other living conditions. The students not availing the Institute’s hostel facilities shall be doing so at their own risk and responsibility.