Definitions and explanations

For the purpose of these rules:

Library shall mean Central Library of DAVIET.

A reference to library Books, unless the context otherwise provides, shall include other forms and media of library material such as periodicals, magazines, audio and video tapes, cassettes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, newspapers,  standards, projects, pamphlets, maps etc.

A reference to masculine gender such as he, his, him, unless the context otherwise provides, will include reference feminine gender also.


The library services are open to registered members. The following categories of persons are eligible to enroll as membership of the Library.

Category Eligible Groups
Undergraduate Registered Undergraduate students of DAVIET
Post graduate Registered Postgraduate students of DAVIET
Faculty Regular Teaching staff of the DAVIET (including visiting faculty) of the rank of lecturer and above, Director and Deans
Staff Teaching Assistants, Demonstrators, Laboratory superintendents, assistant scientists, assistant engineers and equivalent posts at DAVIET

For enrollment as a member application form duly filled with appropriate identification, recommendation/introduction should be submitted at the Help Desk, along with the requisite fee, if applicable, and two additional photographs of 1.5”x 1.5” size.

  1. If the application is accepted by the Library, the applicant is enrolled as a member and a Membership card is issued to him. Membership is not transferable.
  2. Membership Card issued to the members is property of the Institute and the Members are required to surrender the same to the Library at the time of leaving the Institute or conclusion of the study at the Institute.
  3. Member must carry his membership card on every visit to the Library, and produce it whenever demanded by the Library staff.
  4. Member should keep his membership card safely. He is liable for any use/misuse of his card by others. In the event of loss or theft of the membership card, the member should immediately inform the help desk. His card will be disabled and a duplicate card shall be issued if he so requires on payment of requisite fee.
  5. Unauthorized use of other member’s Membership card for using the library services is illegal and liable for disciplinary action.
  6. Non members can visit the library only with special permission of the Librarian. A recommendation from a Head of Department of the Institute or parent organization may be required for obtaining such permission.

Book Loans

Only Registered members are entitled to borrow books from the library. The following table provides borrowing privileges for various categories of members and various types of collections.

Collection Type Books Book Bank
Category Entitlement Duration Entitlement Duration
Undergraduate 4 15 Days 6 One Semester
Post graduate 4 15 Days 6 One Semester
Faculty 10 6 Month None
Staff 2 2 Month None

Librarian at his discretion may allow more books or extend duration of loan in case of genuine requirement of the member.

  • A member shall be required to produce Membership card to borrow books.
  • Students of reserved category shall have first priority in borrowing books from Book Bank collection.
  • Books not available for Loan
    The following collections are available only for consultation within the library and can be borrowed for short duration, with a special permission of the Librarian only in case of extraordinary circumstances:
    Reference books, reference text books, standards, patents, current and back issues of journals, institutional archive material


  • Members may reserve books that are on loan to other members, by filling up the reservation slips. Reservations slips can be purchased from the help desk. Reserved book will be kept On Hold for one week on its return by the previous borrower. The member who has reserved it will be informed of its availability, who must borrow it within On-Hold period i.e. one week.
  • No member shall be allowed to have more than 5 books reserved at any time.

Due-date for return of books and consequences of delay in return

  1. All books borrowed from the library must be returned within the stipulated due date. The Librarian however, may recall any book before the due date.
  2. Members who are moving out of station on leave, project work or any other work should make arrangement to return books borrowed by them.
  3. The Library normally sends reminders of overdue books from time to time, however, non receipt of such a reminder by a member can not be accepted as a valid reason for delay in return of books.
  4. Failure to return books in time will attract the following punitive actions.
  5. Over due charges at the prescribed rates.
  6. Suspension of Membership: If the member fails to return books even after 3 months from the due-date the membership will be suspended until return of all over-due books standing in his name along with overdue charges. However, in case of books borrowed from Book bank this period will be 1 month.
  7. Recovery of cost of books: If a member fails to return a book even after 6 months from the due-date, list of defaulters will be sent to the Sr.Asst.(Finance & Accounts) for recovery of the cost as from the member’s account and/or security. The cost will be calculated as per the Rule 3.8. Rule 3.9b will also be applicable if the book is a part or volume of set that can not be purchased separately.

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