• To establish a sustainable network of globally spread DAVIETians.
  • To provide a forum to enable the alumni to keep contact with their alma mater and also with one another.
  • To utilize the expertise and resources of alumni for all-round development of the Institute.
  • To receive donations from alumni for enhancement of infrastructural facilities in the Institute.
  • To award scholarships, prizes and medals to the poor and the meritorious students with contributions from alumni.
  • To enhance library and laboratory facilities with the assistance from alumni.
  • To create career opportunities for the present as well as the past student through interaction with resourceful alumni.
  • To organize Seminars, Conferences and Expert Lectures for sharing the knowledge and experience of alumni.
  • To organize Annual Convention of alumni with social, literary and cultural programmes.
  • To confer honorary awards or other distinctions to distinguished alumni.
  • To utilize the expert services of alumni in academic and administrative reforms.
  • To contribute significantly for the scientific and technological advancements of the country.

Alumni Corner