DAVIET is taking due care of the students by providing them Homes away from homes with 03 Multi-storeyed hostels which have been constructed and furnished tastefully in the heart of the campus.

  • PG Hostel Capacity: 176
  • UG Hostel Capacity: 256
  • Girls Hostel Capacity: 188
  • Hostel procedures and facilities are regularly monitored and updated as per well-defined ISO 9001:2000 standards.
  • The hostels are having attached mess for boarders’ convenience.
  • Mess meals/menu are decided by the students.
  • Every care is taken that students should get nutritious food and balanced diets, which is hygienically prepared.
  • Campus has its own water supply and power backup system.
  • 24 hrs security is provided in the hostels.
  • Recreation rooms with indoor Sports, News Room, Cable T.V and Telephone facility.
  • Computing / Internet facilities are available in the hostel Computer Lab, which have 155 Mpbs, leased line Internet connectivity.
  • For late night studies, reading room has been provided to the resident scholars.
  • Attached playgrounds are also available for the students to enjoy sports, morning walks etc.
  • The Institute has a Resident Doctor for health care of the students.
  • For laundry facilities the watermen has been appointed who visit hostels regularly.
  • Canteen and mess are having tuck-shop for grocery and other items.
  • Other basic amenities are provided free of charge viz. Hot Water, Water Coolers etc.
  • Senior faculty is accessible to help the students for counselling and personal advice at the time of need.
  • The upkeep of the hostel is maintained to the highest level through hygienic conservancy of toilets.
  • Institute has provided an ultra modern lift in the boys’ hostel for the convenience of boarders.
  • AC accommodation is available in PG Hostel on First come First Serve basis.



The candidate is required to report to the hostel warden for the initial allotment of the room. The room once allotted shall not be changed. However, under special circumstances the request for the change of room can be entertained with the permission of the principal within seven days of the allotment. The institute reserves the right to modify the occupancy of the room as and when required.

Initial allotment of hostel seats to freshers will be on first come first serve basis, subsequent allotments of rooms would be on merit basis.


Hostel Security (One time deposit & refundable)        :  Rs. 3000/-

Annual Charges                                                              

Hostel Admission Fee                                                              :  Rs. 1500/-

Furnishing, Laundry & Maintenance Charges                          :  Rs. 4000/-


Lodging *Boarding Total (Annual)
Triple Occupancy Accommodation Rs. 23000/- Rs. 25500/- Rs. 48500/-
Double Occupancy Accommodation Rs. 27000/- Rs. 25500/- Rs. 52500/-
Single Occupancy Accommodation Rs. 31000/- Rs. 25500/- Rs. 56500/-
AC Room Single Occupancy Rs. 56000/- Rs. 25500/- Rs. 81500/-
AC Room Double Occupancy Rs. 40000/- Rs. 25500/- Rs. 65500/-

* Boarding Charges of Rs. 25500/- pa include breakfast, lunch, evening tea with snacks & dinner.

Note: Students are allowed to keep and use their own air cooler on the payment of Rs. 1200/- per month. It is mandatory for the students to seek prior permission in writing to install the air cooler in their room and notify the date of installation/deinstallation with warden. The amount due will be debited to all occupants of the room equally. The residents who fail to comply with above will be penalized. Students may please also note that there will be minimum subscription of one month and any partial consumption will be rounded off to next month.

Hostel Charges (Per Semester)

New Boarder Existing Boarder
Odd Sem. Even Sem. Odd Sem. Even Sem.
Triple Occupancy Accommodation Rs. 30750/- Rs. 26250/- Rs. 27750/- Rs. 26250/-
Double Occupancy Accommodation Rs. 32750/- Rs. 28250/- Rs. 29750/- Rs. 28250/-
Single Occupancy Accommodation Rs. 34750/- Rs. 30250/- Rs. 31750/- Rs. 30250/-
AC Room Single Occupancy Rs. 47250/- Rs. 42750/- Rs. 44250/- Rs. 42750/-
AC Room Double Occupancy Rs. 39250/- Rs. 34750/- Rs. 36250/- Rs. 34750/-

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