Talent Hunt aDhArVa 2K16



Annual Talent Hunt aDhArVa 2K16 was organized with great zeal and enthusiasm on 30th-31st August, 2016 here at DAVIET with an aim to unearth the talent of the first year students and to provide them the platform required to prove their mettle in varied areas. ADHARV 2k16 was marked by the enthusiasm of the first year students to make their presence felt but at the same time it also stood for the desire on the part of the organizing students to provide their juniors the much needed exposure to show how a healthy competition can propel an individual to learn varied things. Students competed and tried to outperform each other in a wide variety of cultural, technical, musical, literary and theatrical events.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal DAVIET applauded the zest and the zeal of the students to give their best in all the events. He stated that over the years DAVIET has been able to make its mark in academics and extra-curricular activities because of the commitment to never compromise on hard work, dedication and perseverance. He further stressed that due to the sheer number of achievements made by the students and the alumni, DAVIET has become a brand name in the field of technical education. He urged upon the students to step beyond their comfort zones to achieve big in whatever they do. He shared that his dream is to make DAVIET an institution for the students, of the students and by the students. He appreciated the hard work put in by the organizing committee and wished them luck in all their Endeavour’s.

Ms. Megha Munjal Sharma, Cultural Officer highlighted the fact that in DAVIET students are always at the forefront of each and every activity. She showed her indebtedness to Dr. Manoj Kumar for his visionary leadership and ever available guidance. She stated that in competition it is not winning that matters but participating with the right attitude that counts.





CHARISMA -2016, the Mega Annual Fresher’s Party of DAVIET, Jalandhar was organized with great pomp and show at its LALA CHANCHAL DAS AUDITORIUM on 7th October, 2016. The event meant a formal welcome to the first year entrants by their seniors. It provided the students with a euphoric platform to exhibit their talent in a wide variety of cultural events. The foot-tapping music, the flash lights along with the excitement and high spirits of the youngsters made the party unbridled and exuberant. Jovial smiles and high spirits marked the welcome party for the students. CHARISMA-2016 manifested youth and enthusiasm at its full flow.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal DAVIET  extended a rapturous welcome to Guests and other distinguished dignitaries to the Fresher’s Meet Charisma-2016. He termed Fresher’s Party as the frontrunner flagship mega event for the students of first year connoting a Formal and a High Voltage Welcome extended to them by their seniors. He stated this to be an event by the students and for the students and applauded their dynamic and creative organizational efforts for organizing this grand event.

Dr. Kanchan L Singh, HOD (Applied Sciences) & the Event Co-ordinator congratulated the young and vibrant DAVIETians for organizing this mega event. She stressed on the importance of a drop to make an ocean possible and thus inspired the young gathering to come forward with large hearts and enlightened minds for the cause of national development and to make this world a better place to live in.

Ms. Megha Munjal Sharma, Cultural Officer of the Institute congratulated the students for organizing such a grand function. She showed her confidence that the students will set higher benchmarks in their respective fields and will serve the nation by being responsible and conscientious citizens of the nation. She also acknowledged and thanked the sponsors of this mega event viz. Gujranwala Jewellers, Carpet Emporium, DDLJ Jewellers, Breathe Gym, Saks Salon, Burger King etc.

The expert judges of the event, Mr. Gaurav Bhalla, Mr. Satti Sembi (the renowned creative writers-cum-directors) and Ms. Anupriya after a lot of deliberations finalized the results:

Results of Freshers 2016

Title Name Class
Ms. Fresher 2K16 Ms.Urvashi ECE
Mr. Fresher 2K16 Mr. Ashutosh CE
Ist Runner Up 2K16 Ms..Shagun ECE
Ist Runner Up 2K16 Mr. Naman Arora IT
IInd Runner Up 2K16 Ms. Shivani EE
IInd Runner Up 2K16 Mr. Kapil Dev ME
Ms.Elegant Ms. Vanshika IT
Mr. Handsome Mr. Jaideep  MBA
Best Physique Mr. Atul Sharma MCA




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