DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jalandhar got established in the year 2001 under the aegis of DAV College Managing Committee that is the largest non-government educational society in India managing a chain of more than 700 institutions in India and abroad.
Since its inception, DAVIET has been imparting a value based and research oriented quality technical education. We have set up a Research Foundation to promote research capabilities under various areas of Engineering & Technology and other areas of national interest. Active research is currently going on in the field of Light Wave Technology Systems, Wireless System Design, Nano-Technology, Power Quality and other contemporary areas



To Stimulate research in the field of Optical & Wireless Communication by bringing academicians,research scholars, scientists & prfessionals from industry together on a common platform to share their research experiences & perceptions.



Optical and wireless communication networks occupy a very important place in creating the ubiquitous communication systems that would revolutionise the communication technology. The optical and wireless communication technologies are fast converging and soon would allow the creation of a network that would be the back bone of the global communication services. Inspite of the fact that optical and wireless are leading contenders in the communication backbone, the quest for higher channel capacity, higher bit rate and larger communication distances is never ending. These parameters present fundamental challenges in developing intelligent, distributive, collaborative, multi-model networks systems that sense and act in wide areas and unattended environment. A break through is needed to catalyze another revolution in this area. NCOW 2008 aims to stimulate the urge for research in this area by bringing academicians, research scholars, scientists and industry experts together on a common platform to share their research experiences and perceptions.
Keeping in view the above aspects, technical papers that describe unpublished original research/review that are not currently under consideration by another conference or journal are solicited on the themes suggested. The themes are merely indicative of the scope and surely not restrictive