A Tree Plantation Drive was organized by NSS unit of DAVIET. This drive is in association with NGO Pahal and Rotary Club Jalandhar. The drive was aimed at creating awareness among students about the importance of having a clean and green environment.

Mr. Lakhbir Singh, President PAHAL and Mr. Irwindeep Singh, President Rotory Club Jalandhar along with Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal DAVIET planted more than 130 trees of different varieties in the DAVIET campus.

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While speaking on the importance of Tree Plantation Dr. Manoj Kumar stated that the institution is conscious of the need to create a healthy and clean environment. To realize the aim efforts are made to make the campus green. In addition to it students are educated to maintain cleanliness  in the Institute. Further he shared that a log book of trees in the Institution has been created so that the entire information about the trees should be accessible to take proper care of them. He highlighted  that it contains the date of plantation of the trees, their present condition and their botanical names. He also stated that in all 364 trees are there in the campus. In addition to it there are more than 150 Ashoka trees adding greenery to the campus. Further he touched upon the fact that the Institution has a herbal garden where rare and valuable herbal plants are grown.  He also showed his concern on the fact that in any country 35% of total area should be under forest cover, wheras in Punjab there is only 3.5 % area under trees.

Mr. Lakhbir Singh, President PAHAL highlighted that trees help clean the environment and aid human beings in remaining healthy. He also highlighted the fact that in a hot country like India trees become all the more important as they provide shade and fruit. Mr. Irwindeep Singh, President Rotory Club, also applauded the effort of the Institution to have a tree plantation drive and highlighted that trees are help conserve soil and reduce ground water pollution.

The drive was attended by Ms. Sonia Chawla, Dean Academics, Dr. Jagjeet Malhotra, Dean Students Affairs, Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Dean RIC, Dr. Neeru Malhotra, Head Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Dr. Dinesh, Head Department of Information Technology, Dr. Kanchan L Singh, Head Department of Applied Sciences, Mr. Gaurav Dhuria, Head Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Parveen Kakkar Head Department of Computer Applications, Dr. PS Mann NSS Officer, Faculty and staff of the Institution.