Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering was founded in 2001, and is a center for research and education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Strong research groups exist in areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, and foundations of computer science, scientific computing, and systems. The department offers the degrees Bachelor of Technology, Master of Technology. Fields in which interdisciplinary work has been undertaken include electronics, electrical engineering, linguistics, physics and various areas of engineering, construction, and manufacturing. Close ties are maintained with researchers with computational interests in other university departments. In addition, both faculty and students commonly work with investigators at nearby research or industrial institutions. The main educational goal is to prepare students for research and providing technical vocation in the information technology field. The staff provide hardware and software support for over 1500 students, faculty, and administrative staff each quarter. We also design and build various software tools and hardware to support a unified computing environment. Our mission at DAVIET is to bridge the gap between the educator and the computer user by providing a user-friendly, stable computing environment. The CSE computing environment consists of two main operating systems. Linux is provided to CSE users in support of computation, programming and graduate courses. Microsoft Windows is provided for the department through HP Intel based servers that allow multiple users to simultaneously use the same server. Each user’s HP PC is connected via a high-speed network using gigabit Ethernet technology. Connected through this network are approximately three hundred PCs, including a variety of specialty labs and departmental labs. Computer center is having 24 Hr. internet connectivity with 40Mbps Leased Line from CONNECT. The institute has a 24X7 Wi-Facility in the college campus for the student and faculty members

Our mission is to impart high quality post graduate and under-graduate education and carry out leading-edge research in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) offers a broad undergraduate and post graduate curriculum, based on the application and theoretical foundations of computer science. The students gain breadth and depth of knowledge in a multitude of specialties, including: wireless computing, software engineering, data mining, bioinformatics, human computer interaction, graphics, architecture, numerical analysis, and artificial intelligence. The department has state of the art facilities in which our students learn and conduct research in such exciting application areas as parallel computing, computer networks, distributed systems, hardware design, computer graphics and artificial intelligence. Our energetic, innovative and multidisciplinary faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and innovative research programs at the leading edge of computer science and engineering. The department currently runs academic programs leading to the award of B.Tech. and M.Tech. (Regular & Part-time) degrees in Computer Science & Engineering. There are about 250 students pursuing their bachelors. The M.Tech. programme in Computer Science and Engineering is a Masters programme offered to students who are interested in advanced learning and research in any area of computer science. Students are provided top quality laboratory and infrastructure facilities.

The M.Tech programme in Computer Science and Engineering imparts a breadth of advanced knowledge in various areas of computer science. The programme is affiliated to Punjab Technical University. The department admits 18 Regular and 25 Part Time students in the M.Tech. Program through PTU Counseling. The duration of M.Tech (Regular) program is 02 years and of M.Tech (Part Time) program is 03 Years.

The Three years M.Tech programme, designed to help graduates and working professionals enhance their professional qualifications and career prospects, imparts advanced knowledge in one or more specialized areas.