The 16th Annual Athletic and Sports Meet of DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology was organized with great zeal and enthusiasm on March 1, 2017.  The Annual Athletics Meet aimed at providing the students a chance to excel in the sports arena and in the process develop sportsman spirit and camaraderie.

Enthusiastic students, an energetic bhangra performance and  edge to edge competition among sportspersons to outperform each other to win the prizes on offer—all this made the Sports meet of DAVIET, a memorable event.

Dr. Jagroop Singh, Sports President, DAVIET read out the report highlighting the achievements of sportspersons of the Institution.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal DAVIET, welcomed the Chief Guest to DAVIET Campus. He stated that sports play an integral part in a student’s life. He said that sports improve our stamina and build us physically fit. He stated that healthy mind resides in healthy body only. He affirmed that win or defeat are only two parts of life.  He highlighted that it is through participation in games and sports that students can inculcate the much desired traits of leadership and sportsman spirit.   Further he urged upon all the teachers and students to take active part in the sports events as through this the gap between them will reduce. He also highlighted that the teachers should be ever accessible to students and should be able to understand students to be good role models.

The Chief Guest of the function, Mr. Arpit Shukla, Commissioner, Police, Jaalandhar  stated that games and sports are an integral part of one’s life. He shared that sports are not just an event, it is a way of life through which discipline, hard work and dedication can be learnt. He shared that  he was happy to see the cleanliness, discipline, march past and culture performance of DAVIET.  He also emphasized that all these stand for the rich academic and extracurricular culture of the Institution. Further, he stated that with the talented , energetic and disciplined  youth  India will surely  be a world power in times to come.  

Balloons were released and symbolic torch was lit which showcased the commitment of DAVIETians to give their best in every activity in the right spirit of sportsmanship to break newer grounds in diverse fields. The meet was declared open by the Chief Guest.

The arena thundered with applause as the day’s events began with the march past. It was followed by other track and field events like 100 m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and 1500m, shot put, discuss throw, javelin throw, long jump, 4X100m, 4X400m relay race and Tug of War both in the category of men and women.

Dr. Sudhir Sharma, HOD, EE, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, HOD, IT, Dr. Neeru Malhotra, HOD, ECE, Dr. Sanjeev Naval, HOD, CE, Sh. Gaurav Dhuria, HOD, ME, Mrs. Harpreet Bajaj, HOD, CSE and all faculty & staff members of DAVIET were present on the occasion.