A Seminar on Importance of Trust in Society was organized here at DAVIET campus and Ambassador Deepak Vohra was the Key Note Speaker. The aim of the interactive seminar was to highlight the importance of building trust to break the ethnic stereotypes and build a better society for everyone to live happily.


Mr. Vohra an Additional Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, in his address gave the basic definition of trust and stated that in any society is trust is lost, then everything is lost. He stated that first impressions are formed in the initial few seconds and efforts should be made to win the trust of the other person. He gave various real life examples and emphasized that if trusted people do respond positively. He compared India with other countries in terms of trust and  stated that trust should be in the system so that everyone remains safe. Shifting from  the societal to the individual plain he highlighted that lack of trust leads to problems even in relationships. While talking about ways of building up trust he shared that appreciating some and saying “ Thank you” and apologizing for the wrongs done by saying “ sorry” go a long way in building ties based on trust.  While addressing the students he motivated them by saying that youth is not the future but the present of the nation and urged them to give their best to make India a better and secure place to live.

Mr. B. N Sharma, Inspector General BSF was the Guest of Honour. He stated that the essentials for establishing trust in any society are being disciplined, punctual and having credibility.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal DAVIET appreciated the informative and interactive session of Mr. Deepak Vohra. He highlighted that if people trust each other then it is an indicator of the sense of security and safety prevalent in the society. He also shared that trusting people is intrinsic to human nature as children trust everyone instinctively. It is only the societal pressures and insecurities which force us to doubt the intentions of the other person and become suspicious. He urged upon everyone to give their best to improve the level of trust in the Indian society.

The Seminar was attended by Dr. Sonia Chawla, Dean Academics, Dr. Jagjeet Malhotra, Dean Students Affairs,  Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Dean RIC, DR. Neeru Malhotra, Head Deapartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering,  Mr. Gaurav Dhuria, Head Department of Mechanical Engineering, faculty and staff members of DAVIET