A student shall conform to high standards of discipline and shall conduct himself, within and outside the premises of the Institute, in a manner benefitting the student and the Institute.
He shall have the seriousness of purpose and shall in every way train him self to lead a life of earnest endeavour and co-operation.
He shall show due courtesy and consideration to the employees of the Institute and good neighborliness to his fellow students, respect to the wardens of the hostels and the teachers of the Institute and pay due attention and courtesy to visitors.
Ragging in any form is banned. Ragging is a criminal offence as per the supreme court ruling and FIR shall be registered against the student(s) indulging in this crime.
To safeguard its ideals of scholarship, character and personal behavior, the Institute reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student at any time for any reason deemed sufficient.
The Head of department can impose minor punishments such as fine up to Rs.500/-, suspension from Institute pending enquiry by a committee and vacation of hostels.Major punishments such as expulsion from the Institute, withdrawal of candidature from appearing in university examination shall be executed by Director-cum-Principal on recommendation of the disciplinary committee.
Students and their parents / representatives are forbidden from addressing the trustees or the members of the board directly.
Consumption of Non Vegetarian food, alcohol or any other intoxicant and smoking etc. is strictly prohibited in the institute as well as hostels. The guilty students shall be liable for punishment and disciplinary action which may include expulsion/ suspension from the institution or hostel or imposition of fine or all of them.

Dress Code

To inculcate a sense of simplicity, uniformity and equality in the minds of students, they are required to wear institute uniform
i. On Mondays
ii. On Formal Functions of the Institute.
iii. On Industry institute interaction / Educational tours.

The prescribed uniform is as follows:

BOYS (Winter): White Shirt, Silver Grey TrousersInstitute’s Neck Tie, Blue Blazer bearing Institute’s logo and  black leather shoes.

Summer: White open collar and half/ tucked up sleeves shirt, silver Grey trousers, Institutes’s Neck Tie and Black Leather Shoes
* Turban for Sikh Boy Students to be worn on all days.

GIRLS (Winter) : White Shirt, Silver Grey Salwaar / Trousers, Silver Grey Duppatta / Institute’s Neck Tie, Blue Blazer bearing Institute’s logo and Black Leather Shoes/ Sandals.
Summer: White Shirt, Silver Grey Salwaar / Trousers, Silver Grey Duppatta / Institute’s Neck Tie, Black Leather Shoes/ Sandals.
* High Heels not allowed

Workshop Uniform: While in the Institute’s workshop, every student must wear Navy Blue Dangri both from the point of view of safety and efficiency.

Laptop Facilty

In order to encourage the web based learning environment laptops with wireless access are required for every student in the Institute. This will not only help them to learn better but also to have easy and convenient access to the course ware (study material) any where in the campus. In order to facilitate e-learning based interactivity between students and teachers, the laptops with latest configuration will be made available through the reputed vendors like HP, IBM, Toshiba at most competitive price.

Library Facilities

Institute’s library remains open from 9:00 AM to 6:OOPM during academic session. In times of examination the timings are extended upto lO:OO PM for the convenience of students. The students have to pay a fine of Rs. 2/- per day after due date of return for text books and Rs. 10/- for reference books. Two library borrower’s cards are issued to every student.

Identity Card

  • Every student is supposed to get plastic laminated Identity Card. In this connection a notice will be issued from the office regarding authorized Photographer.
  • The photographer will be available in the institute on the specified dates and timings.
  • Every student must be in possession of Identity card with him/her. Failure to produce the identity card on demand of the competent authority will lead to disciplinary action/ imposition of fine.
  • Loss of identity card must be reported to Director-cum -Principal immediately and a new card be obtained within a week.
  • The fee for the replacement will be same as the cost of the first identity card.


  •  A student must be regular and punctual in attendance.
  • If a student remains absent from the Institute without leave continuously for two weeks, his/her name will be struck off the Institute rolls.
  • He/She may be readmitted on the payment of readmission fee and penalty. He/She will not be allowed to attend the classes till he/she is readmitted.
  • A student must fulfill the requirement of attendance as laid down by the university, minimum 75%, failing which, he/she will be detained from appearing in the university examinations.


  • All kinds of leaves should be applied for on prescribed application form before it is availed of.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the application may be submitted within seven days after the expiry of leave.
  • Leave application should be recommended by the respective H.O.D.
  • The medical officer must recommend leave application on medical ground. Father/ Guardian of the students must countersign such application before it is sent to the Institute. Medical Officer will clearly specify the disease and the periods of the rest recommend. Medical certificate along with the fitness certificate from a competent authority must be submitted on rejoining the Institute.
  • The Principal will sanction medical Leave.
  • Absence or leave from exam for whatever reason will mean nil result.
  • Student’s absenting themselves without leave shall be liable to disciplinary action including fine.


  • There shall be three mid semester tests.
  • It is compulsory for the students to appear in all the  Mid Semester Tests(MSTs)
  • There shall be 25% weightage to first MST, 25% for 2nd MST & 50% for 3rd MST in the internal wards.
  • In case a student falls ill during the course of examination, his/her leave application on the prescribed form supported by the medical certificate should be submitted immediately.
  • Theory and practical in each subject are considered two separate units.
  • A student found guilty of using unfair means during the examination will be given deterrent punishment. He/ She may even be expelled from the Institute or disqualified from appearing in the University examination.
  • No leave application will be accepted at a later date or after the termination examination.

Internal Assessment Awards

PTU has prescribed the following guidelines regarding the award of Internal Assessment.

Mid Semester Test
60 %
Home Assignments
12.5 %
12.5 %
15 %
Practical Performance
60 %
Lab Report
12.5 %
Viva Voce
12.5 %
15 %

General Fitness Awards

As discussed in the 11″1 meeting of the Academic Council the break up of the Physical Fitness Marks is:

General Behavior
20 Marks
Physical Fines
50 Marks
Extra curricular and Co-Curricular activities
30 Marks

Code of Conduct

In order to promote ethical behavior, the Institute requires every student to agree and abide by the Code of Conduct. The Code of conduct includes the following:

  • Students should be regular and punctual in the classes.
  • Attendance during the functions in the institute is compulsory for the students.
  • Students are not supposed to leave the Institute during the classes.
  • Students are expected not to wear gaudy, skintight, revealing dresses and skirts.
  • Students should always keep their identity cards with them.
  • Students must not give any gift to any employee of the Institute/Hostel/Mess/ Canteen.
  • Student should develop the habit of forming the queue.
  • Student should maintain cleanliness in the campus.
  • No student is allowed to involve the name and campus of the Institute in any publication or outside activity without prior permission of the Director-cum-Principal.
  • Students must have mutual respect among themselves.
  • Students are to maintain perfect discipline during educational tours, Industry Interaction visits,  sports & cultural functions, youth festivals or any other functions organised by the institute.
  • The possession/use of mobile phones by the students is not permitted within the campus; violation of this instruction can lead to confiscation of the mobile phone and imposition of fine.